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Blvckxfatale = realizing just how much blackness slays. Kind of like a Pro-black era, mixed in with LBGTQ love, body positivity, optimal health, womanism, and everything dope in between.

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A quick tip for writers out there, who use Microsoft Word:


Change the background colour of the pages to a mint green shade.


It is said that green is a calming colour, however, the main reason why I like this, is because I can write for a much longer period of time now, as a white background I used before made my eyes dry and exhausted after just a few hours of working.

It is basically much more soft and careful to the eyes. I can’t precisely explain why that is. I think it’s that by making a pinch softer contrast of the text and the background, your eyes does not get exposed to as much light.

Just make sure to not make the background too dark, or else your eyes will get exhausted due to over-fixating the lack of contrast between text and background.

And maybe you find a nice pastel/light background shade that fits you; give it a try.

Different things work out and fits for different people. And I just felt like sharing this.

Here’s the shade numbers I used to get my preferred colour:


Thanks for reading.

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And God said “Love Your Enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself.

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"Buddhist monks clean dust off of the 15-metre-high Great Buddha at the Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan. About 100 Buddhist monks take part to brush away dust as a part of the preparation for the Buddhist festive period of ‘Bon,’ around August 15, when Japanese Buddhists honour and welcome the spirits of ancestors." ( [submitted by geoohr)


imagine life without copy paste

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davoncarey: Thank you so much for that compliment 


You’re welcome <3

A black man taking time to learn how to do the hair of little black girls is so important. My nieces are in the soul custody of my brother and my mother and sister do their hair mostly. He’s mastered a mean pony tail though lol




Never ending cycle that needs to be broken. #MisdirectedAggression #Misogynoir

Nah, y’all gotta read the entire series of tweets, tho. It’s everything.

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'Twas hot today
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hey so i’m going to be vegetarian all day and see how i like it and if i like it ill do it for 30 days and if i like that then ill be vegetarian indefinitely. anyone want to join me?

Sure! I’ll join you. I’m making today a detox day. So it’ll basically be no meat for me. Do you wanna check back in with a progress report by tonight?

yup! i’ll direct message you around 10 and we can talk about how our day went! stay hydrated too!

Yes! Definitely! Water and green tea will be my hydration for the day. Good luck!

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